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                                                        The Story of Salt and Soul


Salt and Soul is the result of my daughter Vicki’s loving heart for helping others, and my desire to support this opportunity of Vicki’s dream - to bring this potential for easing and healing to other people's lives. In 2016, my family found salt treatments as a positive way to ease the symptoms of cystic fibrosis. This motivated us to create Salt and Soul, so that many others in our region could experience its health benefits. We opened in December of 2016, to share the joyful energy of salt therapy, yoga and the other energy-supporting experiences we offer. Vicki’s huge capacity for loving others and her positive energy live on, and many feel it, even if they do not know the source. All of us who serve our clients are encouraged and supported by this strong loving atmosphere. We hope you will experience this positive loving energy and benefit from all the wonderful experiences we are offering at Salt and Soul.