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Janice Zito

​Janice Zito was born with a love for dance and fitness, and a passion for teaching.  In 1994, she became certified by AFAA as a Group Exercise Instructor.  This experience motivated her to pursue an education in the field.  Janice studied Exercise Science and received a Bachelors degree in Education from Adelphi University in Garden City, New York. During her time at Adelphi she was also trained and certified by the American College Of Sports Medicine as a Health and Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. In addition, she worked in the on site Cardiac Rehabilitation program. Janice landed her first full time job at the NBC Health and Fitness Center at Rockefeller Plaza in New York, where she taught Step, Kickboxing, Circuit, Hip Hop, and Weight/Strength training classes.  This was an amazingly fun and unforgettable experience! In 2000, Janice took a journey to the west coast and moved to Seattle where she became certified to teach Les Mills Body Pump. During this time Janice switched gears and pursued a teaching career. She became a certified Montessori Elementary teacher and  later received a Masters degree in Special Education back at Adelphi University. She's currently a licensed ZUMBA and ZUMBA Step Instructor.  Her favorite thing about group exercise is connecting with the participants and witnessing the transformations they make, both mind and body!

Carie Salberg

Carie began practicing yoga at age twelve in her hometown, Woodstock, NY. When she was 18 she embraced yoga as a lifestyle, coming to understood the benefits and depth of yoga in a whole new light. It became her outlet for healing, growing, balancing, breathing and tapping into her life purpose. Experiencing both physical and mental benefits from her practice she decided at age 26 to complete her 200 hour yoga teacher training at the Kripalu School of Yoga and Ayurveda. Her desire to share this practice with others continues to grow and change and she continues to train and attend more trainings and workshops at Kripalu. Her completed trainings include: Teaching Pranayama and Advanced Asana, Guiding Meditation for Transformational Yoga, and Teaching Yoga for Special Populations. In March of 2016 she will complete Kripalu’s "leading vinyasa" module concluding her 500 hour teacher training. Her mission is to bring balance to her students through breath, movement and mindfulness. Her passion is to help others experience ahimsa (a total and complete absence of affliction to one’s mind, body and spirit, to self and all living things), along with encouraging dinacharya (a daily routine of self care). Namaste!

Meet our Instructors (Our Soul)

Michael Salerno is a Certified Hypnotist,

              writer, speaker and teacher

He earned his certification through the National Guild of Hypnotists. He has had a practice at The WellTree in Red Hook, NY since 2014. He works with clients in a variety of areas including smoking cessation, weight management and stress reduction. His clients also seek his services for goal-setting, overcoming fears, improving athletic and academic performance and enhancing their self-confidence.

Salerno has authored a number of articles about hypnosis in newspapers and publications such as The Poughkeepsie Journal, The Saugerties Post and Your Valley Magazine.

Deborah Zoie

Deborah Zoie believes in personal & planetary wellness,
balance and healthy aging via diet, movement and
supportive lifestyle choices. She is a Transformational
Therapist and a Massage Therapist. She is honored to
bring Essentrics/Classical Stretch/Healthy Aging to
everyone who wants to keep flexibility & mobility in
their daily lives and activities.

Brooke Michaels

Brooke is 23 years old running a full time handcrafting career, Little Blueberryy. ( To destress she resorts to her passion, which is yoga and all the holistic techniques it has lead her to over the many years of practicing. Brooke has been the president of at Buffalo State College for three years. After college, yoga turned from a passion to a way of life. "I love to share my passion, knowledge and good vibes with everyone" 

Anjali Bermain 

Anjali is a 500 HR Kripalu certified yoga teacher who has been teaching since 2011. She blends Vinyasa and Hatha styles to create flowing, fun yet focused yoga classes. Her yogic studies began in 2002 with Marcia Albert, a yogi from the Desikachar School, a lineage whose principals Anjali continues to blend into her classes. Between 2011 and 2017, Anjali completed her 200 and 500 HR Yoga teacher trainings at the Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox Massachusetts.

Over the past 10 years she has travelled extensively throughout India. During a solo trip through south India, she completed a 10-day Vipassana silent meditation course, from which she often draws upon when teaching meditation techniques. She also passionately studies Ayurveda, taking those principals into account when designing her classes. Anjali teaches to all levels, and adapts her teaching to her students, adjusting each practice for them physically and mentally.

Lorry Salluzzi

Lorry is an  iIntuitive Therapist / Healer /National Board of Certified... healer, teacher, gong player . She is a  a Master Reiki Sensei, She studies Reiki at I teach at UCCC in Kingston.  Lorry is also is a Psychic Master Medium and a former owner and operator at Astrologer.

"I have enjoyed teaching Reiki as a Sensei Master since 1991 to tens of thousands successful reiki students, many are well known is this area as well as nationally and internationally. Let me help you become successfully fulfilled while on your life journey. Your path can be an adventure inspired by wisdom, compassion, and abundance. " 

My training includes updated information still being discovered about Japanese Reiki and the opportunities to use your reiki gifts to help yourself and your community. Every successful healing heals every one of us and heals the Earth and so on....." Gassho means YOU ARE DIVINE!

David M. Rinaldi

David M. Rinaldi has been studying and practicing yoga for 20 years. He began this life-long journey in San Francisco and has practiced with amazing teachers around the world, from San Francisco to New Mexico to New York to Bali. David is an RYT200 certified teacher and received his training through the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga and the World Yoga Center in NYC. David loves Anusara's focus on alignment and it's non-dual, Tantric philosophy that sees the divine in everything. David also teaches Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga. In addition to teaching yoga, David helps people break through old patterns and limiting beliefs to live the fullest expression of their lives using a combination of Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Guided Meditation and more. Lear more about David at

Kelli Ingersoll

Yoga found Kelli about five years ago and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. She was searching for some clarity in life and a physical and mental awakening. Turns out yoga was the answer to all her questions! Her love and passion for yoga grew expediently as she developed a relationship with the local yoga community.  She decided to take the journey from student to teacher, completing her Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 at The Yoga House in Kingston, NY. Kelli enjoys challenging her students while reminding them to remain humble. Her teaching style places emphasis on accepting where you are in your practice as it's exactly where you should be. Kelli comes to her mat to find acceptance, peace & happiness; she hopes to transfer those energies to each and every student she encounters! 

Emmallyea Snowyoung

​Emmallyea  has 30+ years of formal training and N.Y. State licenced since Oct 22, 1997. She has studied  many different things from Swedish, and various different  types of deep tissue work such as medical, shiatsu, ohashitsu, and reflexology. She has had  introductions to many different modalities like trager and polarity, and was  trained inThai yoga massage,  Emmallyea believes deep tissue doesn't have to cause pain or pressure to effect big change. 

 Emmallyea studied at Swedish Institute and at the Virginia School of Massage...She feels  honored to have worked on and receive brilliant feedback from wonderful teacher and thousands of people.  Hearing their words,  seeing results, and feeling the change this work does with her own hands  is incredible.  Also, she  has learned from all the body work she received over the years.  

As a child, she was inspired by her family in many ways,  From her grandmother who was a healer and didn't even know it, she  learned  nerve strokes.  Her mom inspired her to learn because she felt better whenever Emmallyea would massage her shoulders or feet.  Her father prompted her to study sound healing with one of the first and foremost in the field Shari Edwards of Signature Sound who helped her develop the ability to see and hear the body in a unique way.  She gives credit, also, to her spiritual Teacher, her dad's Guru Sri Swami Satchidananda from whom she constantly learned from.

It is hard to put her styles into one box because she draw on a lifetime of learning. Each individual person and session is unique.  Every session is tailored to the therapeutic needs of that person. 

Kris Anne Eignor

My name is Kris Anne Eignor. I am a yoga instructor and Reiki Master. I was trained in an 
Ashtanga style of Yoga and have been teaching Yoga for 8 years. Over those years I have 
evolved in to my own style of teaching. Every class is unlike the last. It always depends on 
the level of all that attend as well as intuitively feeling what each person needs in that
particular class. All levels are welcome . You don’t need to have knowledge of Yoga or 
the know the “proper” names and pronunciation for each pose. I will walk you through 
each movement and breath offering verbal adjustments and guidance. An experienced
Yogi will also enjoy this steady mild pace. Warming stretches go in to more active and 
challenging poses . Ending in a more releasing stretches so you may go more deeply in 
rest pose. During rest you will receive individual Reiki. Helping you to go deeper into 
the state of rest. Come and invest yourself in your own physical, emotional, and spiritual 

Ava Gerber

Is committed to living in awareness and using the breath to stay grounded and embodied as the magic of this beautiful life unfolds. Her fascination with multi-cultural religious ritual, ceremony, and expression has spanned the past two decades, and she sees moving the body as a way to connect to the here now and what needs to be moved through. She has studied African dance and the dance of the diaspora for the past 23 years, and is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher. She has also studied Tibetan Buddhism extensively, completing all 36 Asian Classics Institute courses,passing her Maroke, and is initiated in to the  VajraYogini​ ​
and Medicine Buddha linage.​

Ava holds an Ayurveda Certification with the Shivananda lineage and continues to explore plant medicine. She is an ordained Shamanic Minister and a Certified Shamanic Breathwork facilitator. She also holds a level two Reiki empowerment. Ava has lead numerous yoga retreats, juice fasts, cleanses and Shamanic Journeys. She utilizes food as medicine, essential oils, energy work to heal, balance and live in lightness. She utilizes Shamanic Journey and Dream Tea Ceremony to bring the hidden self / shame-based self to the surface and integrate us back to whole and blissful beings acting from heart not habit.

Julia Kofke

Julia Kofke is a certified Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner. She has been drawn to learning about healthy lifestyles from a young age, and sought out alternatives to traditional Western medicine in a personal pursuit for answers to her own health challenges. She has found Jin Shin Jyutsu to be invaluable in achieving this pursuit.

Since she began to practice Jin Shin Jyutsu, Julia has been able to use this gentle art of energetic touch to treat people seeking a better balance of their physical, emotional and spiritual lives. She has treated clients with a wide range of concerns, including fatigue, grief, digestive problems, and cardiac conditions, as well as hospice patients and their families. One of the most rewarding aspects of this practice is teaching clients how to treat themselves, and seeing the benefit of finding health in their own hands.

Maggie Iapoce 

I began yoga in my teens to deal with anxiety that was getting in the way of me living the life that I wanted to.  My practice today helps me to ease mental, physical and spiritual tension. The benefits of this process permeate into all aspects of my life and relationships, encouraging me to always continue progressing towards love and understanding.
I received my RYT 200 hr from the Sivananda ashram in Grass Valley,  California to deepen my own practice and  start to learn how to share it with others. 
Yoga, for me, is a highly practical philosophy for coming to a more loving and effective version of oneself.  As a teacher I hope to provide space and tools for us to work towards this goal  together.  

Audrey Gilbert

Audrey Gilbert MA, CHP, is a hypnosis practitioner, herbalist and writer. She graduated from Yale University, where she archaeology and poetry. She’s been a practicing the healing arts for over a decade.  She lives deep in the woods of Saugerties NY, where she continues to hone her skills as a healer and medicine woman while raising her two children and tending her hypnotherapy practice.  

Beth Rennig 

More than four years ago, Beth became aware of the benefits of Reiki energy healing. She began her own journey to become a Reiki Master and Teacher. Two years later she departed from a successful career working in customer service and sales support to concentrate fully on Reiki. She also enjoys the outdoors, making jewelry, reading, and watching cartoons and movies with her family. Beth also thoroughly enjoys continued learning of Reiki, yoga, meditation, and crystals. 

Beth moved to the Cairo, NY area in 2014 with her husband and two daughters. The family also has two rescue dogs who benefit from receiving Reiki treatments. They share a love of the Hudson Valley, and truly enjoy the landscape, people, and history. Her daughters enjoy receiving  Reiki treatments, especially right before bed. In the fall of 2016, both girls decided they wanted to learn Reiki. Beth provided a “Reiki Kids/Reiki Level I” training for them. They loved the experience, and sharing Reiki’s healing energy. 


Jayaśrī is an internationally  recognized yoga teacher, writer, and Reiki practitioner. She has
always been a seeker of knowledge and finds immense joy in sharing that light with others. Early in life, the yoga seed was first planted by her mother, her inspiration and Reiki teacher. Her practice has grown from her devoted curiosity and the guidance of wonderfully
skilled teachers.