Essentrics for Beginners, with Deborah Zoie

Date: Sundays

Time:  11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Cost:  $15.00

Instructor: Deborah Zoie

Why you will Love Essentrics....​​

  • Create a youthful feeling body
  • Help relieve pain and stiffness
  • Unlock tight muscle and joints
  • Increase flexibility and mobility
  • Strengthen your spine and core
  • Improve your posture
  • Slenderize and define your muscle

                                Kids Sessions in the Cave 

                                       Call to reserve your spot.

Thursdays:  5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Friday :   5:00 pm - 6: 00 pm

Saturday Times:  Most Saturdays, 11:00  am

Cost: $20 per child ages infants to 6  with One adult parent, FREE
Space is limited, call us to save you and your friends a seat! 

Self Help

to Alleviate Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue and more

Jin Shin Jyutsu with Julia

Date: Saturday, May 19th

Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Cost:  $15.00 donation

Instructor; Julia

An ancient Japanese form light touch energy balancing that helps the body to harmonize its own energetic flow to correct imbalances brought on by daily life.

With Self-Help, we apply Jin Shin Jyutsu to ourselves to address symptoms of tree, anxiety, fatigue and more. This cane taught to anyones that they can utilize its benefits for themselves, at anytime.

Join us on May 19th! Learn how to self- help yourself improving the body, mind, and soul. 

Upcoming Workshops and Events 




                           Reiki Boosts and Salt Therapy

Sundays @ 11:00 am 12:00 pm, or 2:00 pm 

Tuesdays:  6:00 pm
(55 mins) $40
Registration required: Call to reserve a spot
Ask about additional days and times.

There are many numerous benefits of Reiki. Here are a few:

• One of the greatest Reiki healing health benefits is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body’s natural healing abilities (immune system), aids in better sleep and improves and maintains health. 
• Reiki helps bring about inner peace and harmony. It can also help you to move through changes and challenges in life. Many find clarity and peace from their session. 
• Relieve pain from a migraine, arthritis, sciatica ~ just to name a few. It also helps with symptoms of asthma, chronic fatigue, menopausal symptoms, insomnia, and depression.



Date: Wednesdays: May 23rd, May 30th, June 6th

Time: 7 pm - 8:30 pm

Cost:  $60.00 pre registration, Drop in  $25.00

Instructor:  Ava

Meditation has tremendous benefits including clarity stress reduction, improved concentration, and increased happiness. We will create the perfect meditation class for you. We will go over 3-6 types of meditation; seated, guided visualization, and supine. By the end of the course you will have set up and started practicing daily. Yes, you can!

                            Yoga  in Motion with Ms. Ethel in the Salt Cave

Ages 2- 6 yrs

Date: Saturday, May  26th

Time:  11 am - 11:30 am

               12:00  pm - 12:30 pm 


Cost: $15 (Includes yoga + salt therapy treatment!)

30 minutes of a joyful blend of music, meditation, dance, and Yoga with a taste of ASL. Space is limited,

please call to save your kiddo a spot today! 

 Weekly Yoga Schedule

Sunday:            10 am - 11 am, May  20th , Beginner's Yoga with Brooke, $14.00

                               NEW 11:00 am - 12:00 pm.  Essentrics with Deborah Zoie, $15.00

Monday:           NEW  5:30-6:30  Level I Beginner's Yoga,   w/ Anjali. $14.00

                               NEW  7 pm - 8 pm. Aroma therapy/Restorative Yoga with Anjali.  $14.00
Tuesdays:         5:30 pm - 6:45 pm. (Begins June 5th) Beginner's Yoga  with Matt $14.00  

Wednesdays:  5:30 pm - 6:30 pm Gentle Yoga with Carie, $10.00 
Thursdays:       9:30 am -10:30 am Beginner's Yoga, w/ Brooke,  $14.00 
                                6:00 pm -7:15 pm Strong Vinyasa Flow  $14.00 

Fridays:              NEW 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm Chair Yoga with Eileen. $10.00
Saturday:          NEW  9 am - 10:15 am Uplifting Yoga for pain relief w/ Kris Anne.   $14.00                               



​            Individual Massages in the Cave with Emmallyea

               Call for appointments. 24 hour advance notice
4 pm or 5 pm Individual Massage Therapy (Body or foot) 
2 pm or 3 pm  Individual Massage Therapy. (Body or foot)



               Salt Cave Guided Meditation + Gentle Yoga     

                                              with Brooke                         


Gentle yoga + Meditation + Salt Therapy + Tea & Crystals!
Date:     Wednesday, May 16th
Cost: $40, $35 if you bring a friend, mother, daughter, papa, brother- anyone! Your guest will also get $5 off.
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm 
Space is limited, please call 845-247-7364 to prepay and reserve your space. ♥

Brooke will lead you through 15 minutes of gentle yoga in the Himalayan Salt Cave. After Brooke will lead your mind into

a purifying meditation (yoga nidra included!) with her crystals around our Salt Rock “fire-pit.” Afterwards tea  and crystal

talk will be offered!  All of her jewelry ( with crystal and gems on display at Salt & Soul will be

offer at 10% exclusively for event attendees.

Salt & Soul 845.247.7364

2917B Route 9W Saugerties, NY 12477,  Hudson  Valley 

Chair Yoga with Eileen

Date:  Fridays

Time: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Cost: $10.00

Instructor Eileen

Yes, YOU can do yoga.
Even if you have a bum knee. Even if you have a bad back. Even if you can’t get down on the floor. Chair Yoga is an adapted form of yoga that makes yoga accessible to everyone. Chair Yoga allows you to modify your yoga practice based on your health, your mobility, and your current ability level.

Chair Yoga offers a practice that includes seated poses on the chair and standing poses using the chair for balance and support. Totally Chair Yoga™ offers a fully seated practice, and can be adapted as a wheelchair-based yoga practice.



Introduction to Meditation with Ava

It's time to boost your immune system!  SALT, SALT SALT AND FEEL THE RESULTS!

Coming Soon! 

Fridays, beginning May 18th

5:30 – 6:30 Chair yoga (YS)

with Eileen $10.00

Saturday, May 19th

 1:00- 2:30 Yin Shin Jyutsu Self Help (YS)

with Julia, $15.00

Wednesday, May 23rd, May 30th. June 5th
​7:00 pm- 8:30 pm – Intro to Meditation Class  (YS)

with Ava, $60.00 (3 sessions)