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Bronchiectasis is a chronic condition where the walls of the bronchi are thickened from inflammation and infection. People with bronchiectasis have periodic flare-ups of breathing difficulties, called exacerbations. Extra mucus is made in the abnormal airways – collecting at the “humps” – and this is prone to infection, with the main symptom being a cough which produces sputum and leads to constant fatigue. Treatment often includes regular physiotherapy and courses of antibiotics, which in some cases may be long term. Inhalers and even surgery are other options.


If you are suffering from bronchiectasis, you should consider dry salt therapy. The dry salt is anti-inflammatory, which will make your breathing easier within just a few sessions. You should experience relief of your symptoms and it also prevents the frequency of symptoms occurring. The dry salt therapy will help to improve your lung function and increase the strength of your immune system therefore decreasing number of hospital admissions. The dry salt will help to clear the mucus from the lungs by causing the airways to widen and the natural antibacterial element of salt will help increase the resistance to respiratory tract diseases. 

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